The name of our company is Quality Pastries for very good reason. Quality is second nature to us and every employee at Quality Pastries is involved in the quality process. Our quality assurance system has been implemented in all our departments, from the receipt of our raw materials to the dispatch department where our end products are sent out for delivery. Quality Pastries takes a total quality management approach to ensure its products are of the highest standard.

We work exclusively with high-quality raw materials that are purchased from carefully selected suppliers. Strict requirements are in place in the bakery as regards personal hygiene and food safety. And throughout the fully-automated production process, the quality of our products and production process is constantly monitored by experienced members of our production staff.

Our quality assurance department ensures that Quality Pastries complies with all legislation and quality requirements and is also responsible for an additional final inspection of the products. Our end products are assessed on various quality aspects before being dispatched to our customers.