Our mission

We find fulfilment in the success of our customers. Customers and consumers come first. We regard our customers as partners and endeavour to meet all their needs efficiently and effectively. We enter into a partnership with our suppliers so that we can pass on our customers’ requirements to them, and our ongoing learning process enables us to do so. In addition, Quality Pastries seeks to contribute to a better society and accepts its responsibility in doing so. We focus on those aspects that make a real difference in this regard.

Our vision

At Quality Pastries, we believe that chilled and frozen pastries can be just as delicious as those made fresh on the day. It is this simplicity that turns every order into an opportunity and every problem into a pleasure. This is why Quality Pastries develops unique innovative products that are specially created for the consumer. We make it easy for customers – the convenience of frozen products with the flavour of freshly-baked. However impossible this may seem, we make it possible.